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CJ4 9240-LA

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For Accesories, Updates and Questions contact us . 

Automotive Peripherals has access to all the Injectronic CJ4 accessories, replacement items and updates, direct from factory and at low prices.
Please contact us if you don't see here what you need.

Ofrecemos la linea completa para el CJ4 de Injectronic en accesorios, remplazo y actualizaciones, directos de la fabrica y a precios bajos.
Por favor comuniquese si no ve aqui lo que necesita.


9542 CJ4 Update License Card 9542 CJ4 Update License. The CJ4 has 2 years FREE updates, after that a license and update code are required to activate newer updates. (Please contact us to obtain it)

9542 Licencia para actualizar el CJ4. El CJ4 tiene 2 años de actualizaciones GRATIS, despues se requiere una licencia y codigo para activar nuevas actualizaciones. (Por favor contactenos para obtenerla)

If your CJ4 is within 2 years of purchase, download the newest update by clicking the image below.

CJ4 Update Download

Si su CJ4 esta dentro de los 2 años de compra, baje la ultima actualizacion pulsando la imagen arriba.



9246 Injector tester Seleccione opcion arriba. Select option above.

This 9246 Injector tester allows individual fuel injector testing without the need to remove from engine. Use any of the triggering pre-sets or program your own.

Saves time and unnecessary removal of "known good" injectors.
Use with a CJ4 in any of the packages (9240-LT, 9240-IR or 9240-LA).
The Injector Tester allows the CJ4 scantool to detect faulty injectors. It triggers one injector at a time for balance testing, long cleaning cycles when used in conjunction with a flow bench and check injection patterns.


9257 Secondary Ignition Tester Select option above. Seleccione opcion arriba.

9257 Secondary Ignition tester. Individualy test spark plug cables.


9508 cable for International diesel Seleccione opcion arriba. Select option above.

The 9508 diagnostic cable for International (diesel) is used with the enhanced applications in the 9240-LA package with SHARK-LA module.
Specific series that require this cable are: CF5000, 4400 and 4300.


9509 Isuzu adapter Select option above. Seleccione opcion arriba.

9509 Isuzu adapter.


9510 Suzuki adapter Seleccione opcion arriba. Select option above.

9510 Suzuki adapter.


9517-A HD Diesel Interface Select optionn above. Seleccione opcion arriba.

9517-A HD diesel adapter. Required on some HD applications.


9185 VW adapters Seleccione opcion arriba. Select option above.

9185 VW OBD I adapters.


9304 Nissan OBD I & OBD II Select option above. Seleccione opcion arriba.

9304 Nissan OBD I and OBD II cable.


9306 Honda adapter Seleccione opcion arriba. Select option above.

9306 Honda OBD I cable.


 9402 Battery adapter Select option above. Seleccione opcion arriba.

9402 Battery adapter. Power-up your CJ4 when using the Labscope feature in a non-OBD vehicle, review saved screen shots, looking-up DTC definitions or looking-up the OBD II connector location.


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